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Medieval Painting

Welcome. This site, which is very much a work in progress (and grows in whatever direction I'm interested in at any point in time) provides some information about late-medieval painting, from about 1150 to the start of the Renaissance. I'm hoping it will be useful to a range of readers from students studying GCSE or A Level art and art history in the UK, university students and adults with an interest in art.

I'm not a full-time art historian, although I teach art history and hold a BA in Humanities with History of Art from the Open University and a MA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute, London in painting of the period c. 1200 - 1350.

As well as talking about artists that are worth knowing and works that are worth seeing the site provides information about techniques and reasons behind the creation of art in this period.

I hope you find this useful. if you want to get in touch please email